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Navy 22.A STTR Selections

Proposals from the offerors listed next to the topic numbers have been selected for further consideration under DoD STTR Program BAA 22.A

The list of selections is an ongoing process that may take a few months to complete. You can register below to receive email notifications of updates to the list. Your email address is not shared with anyone, and is deleted after the selection process is complete.   [Register here]

Please note: A listing on this page is NOT a notification of contract award.

Updated 6/7/22

  Topic Selectee                                                              Address                         
  N22A-T001 Alphacore, Inc. Tempe, AZ
  N22A-T001 Charles River Analytics Inc. Cambridge, MA
  N22A-T001 Integrated Solutions for Systems Huntsville, AL
  N22A-T002 Bascom Hunter Technologies Baton Rouge, LA
  N22A-T002 Candent Technologies Incorporated Greenfield, IN
  N22A-T002 Continuum Dynamics, Inc. Ewing, NJ
  N22A-T003 Corrdesa Tyrone, GA
  N22A-T003 Global Engineering Research and Technologies Tucson, AZ
  N22A-T003 Technical Data Analysis, Inc. Falls Church, VA
  N22A-T004 HyPerComp, Inc. Westlake Village, CA
  N22A-T004 IERUS Technologies, Inc. Huntsville, AL
  N22A-T005 Aptima, Inc. Woburn, MA
  N22A-T005 Barron Associates, Inc. Charlottesville, VA
  N22A-T005 Soar Technology, Inc. Ann Arbor, MI
  N22A-T006 Electro Magnetic Applications, Inc. Lakewood, CO
  N22A-T006 XL Scientific, LLC dba Verus Research Albuquerque, NM
  N22A-T007 IRGLARE Orlando, FL
  N22A-T007 MicroLink Devices Niles, IL
  N22A-T007 Nour, LLC Wilmette, IL
  N22A-T008 CFD Research Corporation Huntsville, AL
  N22A-T008 MetaRe Fort Lee, NJ
  N22A-T008 Quantum Ventura Inc San Jose, CA
  Topic Selectee Address
  N22A-T009 No Selection  
  N22A-T010 NP Photonics, Inc. Tucson, AZ
  N22A-T011 No Selection  
  N22A-T012 Texas Research Institute Austin, Inc. Austin, TX
  N22A-T013 TransWave Photonics, LLC Austin, TX
  N22A-T014 Forward Photonics LLC Woburn, MA
  N22A-T014 Nexus Photonics Goleta, CA
  N22A-T015 Elementum 3D Inc. Erie, CO
  N22A-T015 Faraday Technology, Inc. Englewood, OH
  Topic Selectee Address
  N22A-T016 Cascade Technologies Incorporated Palo Alto, CA
  N22A-T016 Corvid Technologies, LLC Mooresville, NC
  N22A-T016 Spectral Sciences, Inc. Burlington, MA
  N22A-T016 ATA Engineering, Inc San Diego, CA
  N22A-T017 Elemance, LLC Clemmons, NC
  N22A-T017 Innovision LLC Dayton, OH
  N22A-T017 S.A.R Human Performance, LLC Colorado Springs, CO
  N22A-T018 NanoSonic, Inc. Pembroke, VA
  N22A-T018 Physical Sciences Inc. Andover, MA
  N22A-T018 TDA Research, Inc. Wheat Ridge, CO
  N22A-T019 Advanced Ceramic Fibers, LLC Idaho Falls, ID
  N22A-T019 Applied Sciences, Inc. Cedarville, OH
  N22A-T019 Lynntech, Inc. College Station, TX
  N22A-T019 UES, Inc. Dayton, OH
  N22A-T020 EngeniusMicro, LLC Huntsville, AL
  N22A-T020 Phlux Technologies, Inc. Pittsburgh, PA
  N22A-T020 SK Infrared LLC Dublin, OH
  N22A-T021 IMSAR LLC Springville, UT
  N22A-T021 IXI Technology Electronic Warfare, LLC DBA IXI EW Yorba Linda, CA
  N22A-T022 Creare LLC Hanover, NH
  N22A-T022 R-DEX Systems, Inc. Marietta, GA
  N22A-T023 Creare LLC Hanover, NH
  N22A-T023 GreenSight Boston, MA
  N22A-T023 MaXentric Technologies LLC Fort Lee, NJ
  N22A-T023 Spectral Energies, LLC Beavercreek, OH
  N22A-T024 4S - Silversword Software and Services, LLC Catonsville, MD
  N22A-T024 Applied Ocean Sciences Fairfax Station, VA
  N22A-T024 Arete Associates Northridge, CA
  N22A-T025 RDRTec Inc. Dallas, TX
  N22A-T025 X-wave Innovations, Inc. Gaithersburg, MD
  N22A-T026 ADVIS Caledonia, NY
  N22A-T026 Fathom5 Austin, TX
  N22A-T026 Trident Systems Incorporated Fairfax, VA
  N22A-T026 Zansors LLC Arlington, VA
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