About BAA Topic Selections

The selection process and procedures for SBIR and STTR awards are complex. Each SYSCOM has slightly differing methods of proposal evaluation, and the diversity of the various topics requires a broad range of proposal reviewers. For this and other reasons, announcements of selectees can take place over a considerable period of time.

A Selectee is a company selected for "further consideration" meaning that the proposal is of interest, but the final decision and contract negotiation is not complete. Being listed as a selectee on this web site is NOT a notification of contract award.

In order to keep offerors informed, the Navy posts lists of Selectees as they are chosen (see Browse Selections in the box on the right of this page).

In the Navy's SBIR and STTR program, there are usually more than one selectee per topic, sometimes as many as five. When selectees are posted for a particular topic, it usually, but not always, signifies that all the selectees for that topic have been chosen.

Occasionally additional selectees are added for the same topic. However, there are circumstances, although rare, when a selectee is removed from consideration for a topic. Sometimes there may be no selectee for a particular topic and it is marked No Selection. In rare cases a topic may be withdrawn and it will be marked as Removed.

A popular feature of the Navy SBIR web site is the ability to register your email address to receive email notification of selection updates. This feature is unique to each BAA and is available on that BAA's selection page.

Selectees are notified by the SYSCOM and the contracting process commences.

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