Real-Time Exploitation of Video Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery
Navy SBIR FY2015.1

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2015.1
Topic No.: N151-005
Topic Title: Real-Time Exploitation of Video Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery
Proposal No.: N151-005-0633
Firm: ARTEMIS, Inc.
36 Central Avenue
Hauppauge, New York 11788
Contact: Evan Zaugg
Phone: (801) 798-5348
Web Site:
Abstract: Monitoring activity in an area of interest such as a port or harbor facility through clouds, fog, and rain can be accomplished with radar using Video-SAR imaging techniques and applying signature-aided non-coherent change detection (NCD). The goal is robust detection and tracking of slow moving targets. ARTEMIS proposes to develop a Video-SAR exploitation approach suitable for use with a variety of radar systems, but particularly the APS-153 radar. Building upon our extensive experience with radar and algorithm design and implementation, the exploitation system will be developed upon a strong foundation of existing SAR/GMTI processing algorithms, an extensive collection of useful SAR data, and the capability to rapidly make relevant SAR data collections. ARTEMIS will produce a sensor-independent processing scheme for producing the multiple frames of Video-SAR imagery and for conducting the analysis across the frames to detect and track moving targets. Emphasis will be on detection of humans, algorithm efficiency, and effectively conveying target detection and tracking information to the user.
Benefits: Effective detection and tracking of moving targets from a single channel radar system opens up many possibilities for the tactical application of the proposed approach. When applied across a variety of radar systems, our Video-SAR exploitation approach has the potential to aid with situational awareness in a large variety of mission scenarios where radar data is currently unavailable or unhelpful. These applications include border protection and monitoring of areas with frequent human activity.