Flight Deck Lighting Addressable Smart Control Modules
Navy SBIR FY2015.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2015.2
Topic No.: N152-086
Topic Title: Flight Deck Lighting Addressable Smart Control Modules
Proposal No.: N152-086-0459
Firm: C3I, Inc.
4 Merrill Industrial Dr.
Ste 108
Hampton, New Hampshire 3842
Contact: Charles Wagner
Phone: (603) 929-9989
Abstract: The LED Lighting Fixture Control Module (LFCM) will be the next generation of LED lighting control capability replacing the current C3I LED Flex Driver Control Module (LFDM). C3I’s Configurable Distributed LED Driver (CD-LD) technology will meet the LFCM requirements, providing performance enhancements and resulting in significantly reduced installation, operating, maintenance, and configuration costs. The development of the CD-LD technology will enable installation of LED drivers in proximity to the LED fixture, reducing the requirement for expensive “home run” cable installations with the ability to upgrade existing LED lighting with new and/or improved LED technology without the requirement to replace/upgrade the driver hardware. The CD-LD technology will provide the ability to re-configure installed power lines to implement sophisticated device control and power delivery to an LED fixture without the need to re-wire legacy ships. This Phase I effort will address initial design and development of the CD-LD technology, and include a feasibility demonstration of core device and system technologies. Phase II will involve creation of the full scale CD-LD implementation, provide draft specifications for the technology, and provide evaluation/refinement of device/system capabilities. No similar technology is available today.
Benefits: The Navy will realize significant savings by: • Replacing the legacy LFDMs with the CD-LD technology • Reduced hardware costs • Reduced shipboard cabling with resultant cost savings • Improved configuration management control • Reduced logistics costs • Enhanced performance by integrating the constantly evolving LED technologies far-less expensively into future shipboard designs Further, this effort sets the foundation for future enhancements which will enable the US Navy to install and maintain highly reliable and efficient LED lighting into legacy ships without the requirement to install a new cable plant. It will enable the US Navy to exploit technical advances in LED technology without impact to installed lighting fixtures and installed control technology. The developed technology could result in a standardization of LED lighting form factor and control architecture that could become a standard in industry, resulting in dramatically lowered lighting costs across all market segments with commercial applications that could spread across the entire LED industry.