Synthesis and Realization of Broadband Magnetic Flux Channel Antennas
Navy SBIR FY2015.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2015.2
Topic No.: N152-081
Topic Title: Synthesis and Realization of Broadband Magnetic Flux Channel Antennas
Proposal No.: N152-081-0683
Firm: JEM Engineering, LLC
8683 Cherry Lane
Laurel, Maryland 20707
Contact: David Auckland
Phone: (301) 317-1070
Web Site:
Abstract: Magnetic Flux Channel (MFC) antennas have been demonstrated to contain all the theoretical benefits of antennas carrying true magnetic currents. When mounted on conducting groundplanes, they do not suffer gain-bandwidth degradation like conventional metal-and-dielectric antennas. Their immunity to the image effect means that frequency independent and self-complementary MFC antennas conformal to a ground-plane should be able to attain the same bandwidth attained in free space by classic spiral and log periodic antennas. The proposed program will demonstrate the feasibility of realizing inherently broadband magnetic flux channel antennas by: 1) implementing MFC antennas in frequency-independent geometries, and 2) developing methods for making MFC antennas conformal to curved surfaces.
Benefits: Success of the proposed program will allow development and production of truly conformal antennas on aircraft structures and other ground planes, which is expected to lead to opportunities for improved communications performance on all sizes of aircraft, from small UAVs to jets. It is also expected to provide a path forward to design of very wide bandwidth antennas for applications and installations which have been previously unavailable.