Secure Electronic Kneeboard Across Multiple Security Levels on COTS Devices
Navy SBIR FY2015.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2015.2
Topic No.: N152-087
Topic Title: Secure Electronic Kneeboard Across Multiple Security Levels on COTS Devices
Proposal No.: N152-087-0374
Firm: Progeny Systems Corporation
9500 Innovation Drive
Manassas, Virginia 20110
Contact: Scott Lewis
Phone: (703) 368-6107
Abstract: The Navy has a requirement to support Electronic Kneeboards within USN and USMC Aircraft that will allow pilots to bring a tablet onboard that can contain various documents and media to assist in the execution of their mission. We will design a software system that will extend the capabilities of the COTS tablets through implementation of NSA specifications called Commercial Solutions for Classified Systems (CSfC). We will design software that seamlessly allows key-based encryption to Suite B standards to allow tablets to connect to unclassified and Secret networks, implementing a compartmentalization of data accessed, and ensuring rapid cleansing in post-mission, with all data encrypted at rest and in transit. This will be prototyped through the use of design papers, emulators, and on devices to the extent possible in a prototype setting. All Phase I work will serve as the blueprint and proof of concept for a potential Phase II working prototype.
Benefits: Massive ability to use this across all military and federal agencies that handle classified information. Given the trend towards COTS mobile devices and the ever-present need for handling classified information in a controlled and seamless manner, the upside potential is very big.