In-situ Metrology Using Robotic Control of Fringe Reflection Measurement System
Navy SBIR FY2015.2

Sol No.: Navy SBIR FY2015.2
Topic No.: N152-106
Topic Title: In-situ Metrology Using Robotic Control of Fringe Reflection Measurement System
Proposal No.: N152-106-0617
Firm: Optimax Systems, Inc
6367 Dean Parkway
Ontario, New York 14519
Contact: Todd Blalock
Phone: (585) 265-5852
Abstract: Aspheric and conformal optics have become critical components in the aerodynamic features of missiles and aircraft systems. The smooth and sleek shape of the optics improves the aerodynamic quality and performance. These shapes are difficult to manufacture and measure due to the significant amount of inherent optical aberrations. However, production of the component requires metrology feedback on the surface figure to ensure quality of the dome or window. This process is time-consuming, error prone, and potentially damaging to the part due the amount of manual handling required. Optimax proposes solving the metrology and manufacturing problem by combining fringe reflection measurement technique, and robotic deterministic polishing. Fringe reflection measurement technique (also known as deflectometry) is a robust non-contact, high resolution, non-interferometric method to measure surface figure. Its required hardware is significantly less expensive and more flexible than standard phase shifting interferometers. In addition, deflectometry can measure surfaces with larger slope deviation than interferometry and can more easily (and in a less expensive manner) measure large components.
Benefits: The “holy-grail” of any manufacturing process is a closed loop process with minimal human intervention while maintaining quality and consistency. The ultimate project goal of this work is to integrate the metrology step with the current robotic polishing with deterministic figure correction. Our proposed innovation allows the optician to measure the optic in-situ during the manufacturing process and therefore obtain error maps of the optic for figure correction while remaining on the polishing platform.