Navy Forum The 2019 Navy Forum for SBIR/STTR Transition
April 10-11, 2019
Tsongas Center at UMass Lowell
Lowell, MA
Now in its nineteenth year, the Forum has been a long-standing venue for connecting SBIR/STTR-funded technologies with warfighters, government acquisition and technical personnel, large primes, system integrators, and other potential partners/collaborators.

Registration is now open! Please check the Navy FST web site at

DON ADAPT BAA and Workshop (April 10)
The DON's Accelerated Delivery and Acquisition of Prototype Technologies (ADAPT) is a new approach to engage non-traditional technology solution providers with Naval needs.

The DON is releasing an out-of-cycle BAA for this new Naval Accelerator Pilot. This BAA will contain 6 direct-to-Phase II (DP2) topics aligned to address naval challenges in the ship building community. The ADAPT BAA is scheduled to be pre-released prior to the workshop.

Hosted by the DON SBIR/STTR programs, the ADAPT workshop will take place on Wednesday, April 10 with additional one-on-one meetings on the 11th in Lowell, MA. The Workshop will include an introduction to the ADAPT pilot, technology briefs on the topics, discussion on the proposal process and contracting, and an opportunity for one-on-one discussions with subject matter experts. Registration is required and free of charge.

Registration will open Friday, March 15, 2019. More information available at:


Posting of Navy FY-19.1 SBIR & FY-19.A STTR Selections
In order to keep small businesses informed about the Navy's 19.1 SBIR and 19.A STTR proposal selection status, the Navy posts a list of SBIR/STTR "Selectees" as they are chosen (see Browse Phase I Selections in the box on the right). A selectee is a company selected for further consideration, meaning that the proposal is of interest, but the final decision and contract negotiation is not complete. Being listed as a selectee on this web site is NOT a notification of contract award.

The list of selections is an ongoing process that may take several months to complete. You can register on the SBIR selections page at 19_1-selections.html and the STTR selections page at 19_A-selections.html to view selections and receive email notifications of updates to the lists. Your email address is not shared with anyone, and is deleted after the selection process is complete.


FY2019 BAA Schedule
DoD SBIR 2019.128-Nov-188-Jan-196-Feb-19
DoD STTR 2019.A28-Nov-188-Jan-196-Feb-19
DoD SBIR 2019.219-Apr-1920-May-1919-Jun-19
DoD STTR 2019.B19-Apr-1920-May-1919-Jun-19
DoD SBIR 2019.323-Aug-1924-Sep-1923-Oct-19
DoD STTR 2019.C23-Aug-1924-Sep-1923-Oct-19
Previous Navy SBIR/STTR solicitations/BAAs are available at


Winter 2019 Edition of The Navy Transitions Newsletter is Here!
The Winter 2019 Edition of the Navy's SBIR/STTR Transitions newsletter has just been released. In this edition you will find valuable articles covering:
  • Navy SBIR/STTR Director Discusses:
    • Important Goals in the Coming Year
    • Preview of the upcoming 2019 Forum for SBIR/STTR Transition (FST)
    • Preview of the upcoming 2019 Partnering Summit (formerly Primes Summit)
  • Navy’s SBIR Investment in GPS Anti-Jam Antenna
  • Raytheon UMass Lowell Research Institute
  • Stitchless Clothing for Navy Garments
  • PEO IWS SBIR Team Works Together To Match Technology With Needs


ASN (RD&A) Geurts Issues Memo on Small Business Utilization for a Strategic Advantage
James Geurts, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development & Acquisition (ASN (RD&A)) brings to Naval warfighters his rich SOCOM experience in delivering innovation, faster, through new collaborations and inventive practices.

Mr. Geurts' most recent guidance to DoN acquisition teams on small business and SBIR/STTR conveys the imperative role Small Business play as DoN team members and their contribution to DoN's success in meeting the National Defense Strategy (NDS). As such, the instruction calls for Acquisition Commands and Program Executive Officers (PEOs) to prioritize utilization of Small Business and includes these critical SBIR/STTR points:
  • DoN acquisition teams focus on reviewing and assessing SBIR/STTR capabilities in developing acquisition strategies - and such strategies should address incentives for SBIR/STTR use.
  • Acquisition Commands and PEOs should leverage "agile, time-saving authorities" of the Phase III award process - without further competition - where this action meets performance and affordability mandates.
  • The memo concludes with an emphatic challenge: "Enhanced implementation of the Small Business Program will require .changing the way we do acquisition."


National Economic Impact Report of the Navy
SBIR/STTR Program FY-2000-2013

The Department of the Navy (DON) SBIR/STTR leadership commissioned a study to measure commercialization and related economic impacts of nearly $2.3 billion in DON SBIR/STTR Phase II contractual investment over FY2000 - 2013.

During that period, DON SBIR/STTR made 2,734 separate Phase II awards to 1,199 small businesses in virtually every U.S. state. Some of the findings include: [read more...]

The 6 page brochure can be downloaded below:


Required Cyber Security Certification:
What You Need To Know

On November 4, 2010, the President signed Executive Order 13556, Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). This established a government-wide CUI Program to standardize the way the Government (and Government contractors) will handle unclassified information that requires protection. The guiding document for this endeavor is NIST Special Publication 800-171.

Full compliance of NIST SP 800-171 is required no later than December 31, 2017. [read more...]


The Future Navy
On May 17, 2017 Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson threw down a gauntlet before the Dept. of the Navy, challenging the Department "to get to work now to both build more ships, and to think forward - innovate - as we go. To remain competitive, we must start today and we must improve faster … The pace at which potential competitors are moving demands that we in turn increase the speed at which we act."
[read more...]


Authorities to Transform SBIR Opportunities
Three major authorities have been issued that should transform SBIR/STTR opportunities for entrepreneurs, industry, and the government acquisition community. They are:
  1. Better Buying Power 3.0 (BBP 3.0) – a fundamental DoD acquisition policy statement that creates important new on-ramps for small business in general and SBIR/STTR in particular. Procedures and processes to implement this broad policy statement are forthcoming. More information is on the BBP 3.0 web site at
  2. DoD Instruction 5000.02 (DoDI 5000.02) – a formal prescription, for the first time, of DoD acquisition goals and tracking/reporting requirements for SBIR/STTR in alignment with BBP 3.0.
  3. Tapping Into Small Business in a Big Way – a memo from Assistant Secretary of the Navy Sean Stackley that provides SBIR/STTR implementation guidance to the DON’s acquisition community, with a focus on increased use of Phase III contracts to improve SBIR/STTR commercialization (i.e., deployment) outcomes and help acquisition management meet cost, schedule and performance goals.
Navy Office of Small Business Programs
The Department of the Navy's (DON) Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) promotes acquisition opportunities where small business can best support the needs and mission of the U.S. Navy.

The OSBP strives to support our Sailors and Marines by providing them with the systems, innovation, products and tools necessary to enable them to accomplish their mission and return home safely.

The Navy OSBP web site will provide you with information and links to find opportunities for small businesses to compete for providing products and services to the Navy and Marine Corps.

The OSBP web site is located at:


March 2018 - SBIR Fraud Case
San Diego Communications Company Pays More Than $12 Million to Settle False Claim Act Allegations Regarding Eligibility for SBIR Contracts - Learn More:


To report Fraud, Waste or Abuse please visit

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